Friday special


Who doesn’t like perogies! Delicious cheese & potato perogies, served with fried onions and bacon bits, salad and garlic bread.

Tuesday special

Homestyle Lasagna

Lasagna, homestyle and made at Gloria’s with our signature bolognese meat sauce. Served with salad and garlic bread.

Wednesday special


The meatloaf is from a triple tested recipe made in house using the finest ingredients. We use beef from our neighbourhood butcher and it is oven baked to get the right balance of flavours and caramelization. Grandma would approve.

Thursday special


Our chili is made with ground beef from our local butcher. Our chefs have created a perfect blend of seasonings that bring you back to when Grandma cooked for you. Not too spicy, but full of flavour!

Saturday special


Freshly made crepes served with homestyle creme anglaise & fIlled with strawberries and bananas, garnished with real whipped cream and syrup on the side.